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Best way to travel Yatsushiro Kumamoto (Small Beautiful Town)

Yatsushiro (八代) is mostly known for the Japan's most famous National Fireworks Competition. It is a small beautiful town which is located in southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu Island. 

Yatsushiro is blessed with natural abundance such as scenic view of Yatsushiro Sea, rich in agriculture, Kuma River, Hinagu Natural Hot-spring. So, it has very tasty foods especially Yummy Banpeiyu fruit. 


How to get in : Public Transport

There are several ways to access Yatsushiro by JR Kyushu Bullet Train/ JR Train), Expressway Bus and Cruises. 


By Air : 
Aso Kumamoto Airport : It takes around half-an-hour by car and around 1 hour by bus (Super Banpeiyu Bus Services which cost 1400 Yen)


By Shinkansen or Train :

Kumamoto Station: It takes around 12 min by JR Kyushu Shinkansen and around half-an-hour by JR Local Train.


By Express Bus :

Kumamoto Station/Sakura Machi Bus Terminal: It takes around 1 and half-an-hour by Kyushu Sanko Express Bus.  


Sightseeing Spot :

Yatsushiro city has lots of sightseeing spots, attractive events like fireworks, Myoken festival and Kumagawa festival. Also it has many stone bridges. It has beautiful Hinagu hot-springs, Honmachi shopping area (Arcade). Here are the lists: -


Yatsushiro National Fireworks :

What an incredible view of the fireworks. This is Yatsushiro’s most famous and top 10 fireworks show of Japan. It celebrates on every 3rd Saturday of October at the riverbank of Kuma river. More details Click..

Access : 
Walk from Yatsushiro Sta. It takes around 15 min. 


Yatsushiro Castle Ruins :

It is a symbol of Yatsushiro which was built around 400 years back. More details Click..  Visitors can enjoy this castle by boat ride. There is some private boat organizer who provide boat riding without prior reservation.There are some other sites around the castle such as Shohinken National Site, Mirai no mori museum and Monument to the Kappa’s. Those like history, please visit there.  
Shohinken National SiteMirai no mori museum


Access : 
Around 30 min walk from Yatsushiro Sta.  or 10 min by local bus. The other way is to access by taxi or rental bicycle. 


Yatsushio Shrine :

Yatsushio Shrine

This spiritual and historic shrine was built in 11 centuries, also known as Myoken Shrine. This shrine host very famous festival called Myoken Festival. If you are with your hubby go there and pray for happy life. More details Click.. 

Tourist can access by local bus which takes around 5-6 min. Get-in the bus from Yatsushiro Sta and get-off at Miyachi Bus Stop. There are very few buses so, it will be better to check the bus time-table in advance. 


Hinagu Hot-spring :

This is the most famous onsen in Yatsushiro. Hinagu hot spring has a history spanning over 600 years old. It is divided into “Center Onsen” and “Eastern Onsen”.


Center Onsen opens from 10 am – 10 pm (Close on 3rd Tuesday every month and New Year). It cost 200 Yen~. On the other hand, Eastern Onsen opens from 6 am – 10 pm (Close on 2nd Thursday every month and New Year). It cost 200 Yen. More details Click..


It is easy to access by a very special Hisatsu Orange Train which takes around 12 min. Get-in the train from Yatsushiro Sta. and get-off at Hinagu Onsen (cost 340 Yen) and walk around 10min. More details


Myoken Festival :

Myoken Festival has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Culture Heritage and one of Kyushu’s three greatest festivals. This historic festival celebutantes on 23rd November of every year. On this occasion, a parade of horses through the streets of the city. 3-day March festival is held in mid-May.


In this festival the local people as well as many foreigners are joined together and walk around the city. There are various courses such as 5/10/20/30/40 kms. This 3-day march festival has many performances by local people to entertain audience.

Don't miss :


Eat : 

Yatsushiro is rich in agriculture and pure ground water. So, it has very tasty foods especially Yummy Banpeiyu fruits. Karashi Renkon (a lotus root stuffed with mustard sauce), Chikuwa (a type of fish sausage),  Bashashi (raw horse meat with garlic and soy), Unagi and more.. 


Summary :

Yatsushiro is a small twon but, it attracts visitors with their historical culture, Japan’s famous Firework Competition and Myoken Festival. Tourists are recommended to make 1 day and visit Yatsushiro once when they travel to Kumamoto. If you are in group, take a taxi to save your time because the local buses run in a few no. Rental bicycle is also another option to do sightseeing.  Don’t miss to try Yummy Banpeiyu fruit. Hope it will help you in traveling to Aso and how to enjoy there! Have a nice journey!

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