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Best way to travel Kumamoto-Shimabara (Ocean Arrow Ferry)

Shimabara Peninsula is known as “Unzen National Park” which became Japan’s first national park. It is located in south-east Nagasaki Kyushu Japan. Shimabara is blessed with natural hot-spring in Unzen and scenic view. Here are all the tips you’ll need to know for your first visit to Shimabara from Kumamoto. 

How to get in: Public Transport

Shimabara is easy to access from Nagasaki as well as Kumamoto by train or bus or ferry. 


Ocean Arrow : 

Shimabara is easily access by Ocean Arrow Ferry. It takes 30 min approx from Kumamoto Port. There is cafeteria inside the ferry. Don’t forget to enjoy the scenic view from the deck of the ferry. 


Time-table :

There are 7 round trip thought out a day. It runs almost every 2 hours. 

From Kumamoto Port :  7:30 ; 9:25 ; 11:10 ; 13:00 ; 14:50 ; 16:40 ; 18:30

From Shimabara Port : 08:25 ; 10:15 ; 12:05 ; 13:50 ; 15:45 ; 17:30 ; 19:20

Ferry Fare : 

One-way: 1100 JPY/Person  ;  Round-trip: 2090 JPY/Person


Sightseeing Spots :

Shimabara is most famous for Unzen Hot Spring and Shimabara Castle. Unzen Volcanic Global Geopark is also popular among foreigners. Here are the list of most popular tourist place. 
Unzen Hot Spring. 


Shimabara Castle : 

Walk around Shimabara Castle and Samurai Warrior Colony. Visit Samurai’s house and get experience about Japan house architecture during Samurai Period. 

Shimabara Samurai Warriors Colony : 

Shimabara Samurai Warriors House (Kitchen)

Shimabara Samurai Warriors House (Kitchen)

Shimabara Samurai Warriors House (Bathtub)

Don’t miss : 
-    Unzen Onsen
-    Shimabara Castle
-    Samurai House


Eat :

Shimabara is a treasure of sea foods. It has both sea as well as natural hot springs. Try delicious fish either fried or boiled. 

Shimabara Sweets : 


Summary : 

Shimabara peninsula is a small place so tourist can do a same day trip. But, those like Hot Spring, they can stay an over night to enjoy hot spring relax with their hubbies. It is a great change for history lovers to get an experience about Samurai Warrior house, how they lived etc. 


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