I have been a tour guide in Kumamoto for seven years, and I still love it. It's so great to meet new people from all over the world and show them around my city! One of my favorite things about being a guide is that I get to see how different people react to the same places. A lot of tourists think they're going to be bored because there aren't many big attractions, but then they end up having an amazing time exploring temples or trying traditional dishes. And some visitors are surprised by how much history there is here- we can spend hours talking about castles and samurai skills...

"Guys, I found the perfect place for you!" Kumamoto said excitedly. "I was looking on my phone this morning and saw that there is a restaurant in Japan with really good reviews! They have some of the best sushi in all of Japan." "Really? That's great," John replied while scrolling through his phone. "Do they speak English?" he asked while typing on his keyboard.

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I’ve never been to Japan and I want you to take me!

The way my girlfriend, kumamoto is speaking sounds like he wants me to come visit him there. He goes on and on about the beautiful sights of Tokyo and how much culture there is in Kyoto. I think we should go together!

Kumamoto loved to travel, and he loved sharing his travel knowledge with others. When Kumamoto's friends started having kids, they couldn't go on much of a vacation because it was just too hard to take care of them all at once. So one day when the parents were out for the evening, Kumamoto invited himself over and gave all their children a sleepover party in their house! He took them hiking up a mountain so they could see beautiful views from high above the tree line. The next morning he took them down to an ocean side town where they had fun drinking ice coffee and eating waffles for breakfast. They played games by the water until midday before heading back home for dinner...

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