Spend your next vacation in the land of the rising sun, Japan!

"Imagine the most romantic destination you can think of. Now, imagine that this place is located in Asia and it has a population more than twice as large." This sounds like an impossible dream for many Americans who are afraid to fly overseas because they're worried about safety or language barriers but would rather stay home if possible- don't worry! There's no need anymore with Airbnbs allowing travelers from aroundthe world access into Kansai Region without having any other interactions beyond what goes on inside your Airbnb room which may include cooking classes taught by locals at low cost (or even free), shopping trips down Daishi street market where everything from foodA daily bus ride is the best way to get where you need in a timely manner. It's so nice when we can plan our whole day around what time of day and how long it will take for us arrive at our destination!
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